Kitchen Garden

garden to plate

From The Ground Up Food Comes From The Garden To The Plate…

Fresh produce another perk of Lupo’s Kiln Café.
There is nothing better than growing your own fruit and vegetables and everybody that does knows just how much better tasting home grown produce is, Ermanno and Michelle included.
With a 50 metre x 8 metre kitchen garden down the right side of the café there isn’t much that isn’t grown on site, everything from watermelons, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and herbs.

The kitchen garden was something Michelle was very keen to have and she sees it as a real positive to the business.
“The last few years I have been growing my own vegetable garden at home so that was a big reason for wanting to have one at the café,” Michelle said.
“We try and grow as much as we can in the garden to use in the café and then with any excess we have it for sale.”
Michelle believes it’s good for people to come in and see the vegetable garden and know straight away the café uses fresh home grown produce.
“It’s great for the kids, too, because they can have a look through the vegetable patch and see where things are grown and actually understand where they come from and that they don’t just come from the supermarket,” she said.